January 30, 2009

Friday Frustrations

Did you know it is virtually impossible to cancel a credit card? I received a replacement card in the mail the other day for my soon-to-expire card. Problem was, I had already received a replacement card about six weeks ago. After further investigation, I realized the second replacement card has a completely different account number. Turns out, this is a replacement card for an account that I had before I was married.

So I called Discover, naively believing that I would *simply* close the old account once and for all. Ha! The representative on the other end of the phone was not so willing to just let me go despite the fact that DH and I have another account with a flurry of activity. I have not used *my* account in the seven years that I have been married and, quite honestly, thought it was closed until the replacement card showed up.

After my experience this time around, I'm convinced that I did call once-upon-a-time to get this account closed and it never happened. I was warned that my FICA score could be severely impacted, that my husband's death would cause our card to be canceled leaving me with no credit (to this I replied, "I'm pretty sure you'll give me another card if and when..."), and lectured on the importance of building my own credit "just in case". After enduring all of this, I finally convinced the guy that I knew what I was asking and I still would like the account closed.

How much do you want to bet 5 years from now a shiny, new replacement card will be showing up in the mail?

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