January 29, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

I am sick and all I can think about is my aching bones, pounding headache, and rattling chest. Between the aches and pains and the exhaustion, I feel like I've aged a decade in the past week. I hate when my body feels older than I do.

We're out of adult cold medicine so I took a double dose of the kids'. I wish I knew more about proper dosing of medication. Too bad I didn't think to become a pharmacist; it would be nice to possess the knowledge of which medicines are safe to give the kids simultaneously without having to consult someone. Becoming a pharmacist or a doctor would have been extremely helpful as far as raising kids. Wow, can you tell we are still in the grips of cold & flu season?!

I napped for a few hours this afternoon, but I'm already worn out again and ready to call it a day. Gwen gave up and went to bed about twenty minutes ago and the boys will be in bed as soon as the movie that is in ends (about ten minutes).

As soon as the boys' heads hit their pillows, I plan on curling up under the covers with my book and reading until I pass out. I hope I can find my place in the morning and not because I drooled on the last read page. I don't think the librarian or any future checker-outers would be too thrilled with that.

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