September 11, 2010

Another Day in the Life

I woke up this morning from a miserable dream where all of the things in life that annoy me, stress me out, or make me feel like dirt had decided to play with my subconscious.

In the dream, the husband and I were getting the kids ready for a costumed waterpark adventure. Ridiculous, yes. It.Was.A.Dream. So I tell him which costumes to bring for the kids (because we own like 8 million costumes and/or dress-up outfits) and off to the waterpark we go.

At the waterpark, I realize that 6yr-old-girl is wearing 3-yr-old-boy's costume and 3yr-old-boy is tripping all over the place in 6yr-old-girl's. Typical. What was he thinking? I tell him to fix it. Next thing I know, 6yr-old-girl is pulling out twenty different costumes and trying them on. Why did husband bring all of these? I told him which THREE to bring. When I ask him this, he acts like I'm crazy for denying our kids options. Grrrr...

The next part of the dream is me panicking over the kids nearly drowning while trying to swim and do waterslides in their costumes. Husband had disappeared to who-knows-where. Again, typical. When I finally do spot him, he is standing with his dad and uncle and they are all in tears. I run over and ask what is wrong about a half dozen times, amping the volume each time I am ignored, but no one even acknowledges me. As I turn in a huff to stomp off and find 3yr-old-boy, husband reluctantly comes after me to "fill me in". Well, thanks.

3yr-old-boy is at the top of a really long line for a waterslide so I hastily run up the stairs to retrieve him. When I turn around, I see husband running off without explanation of what was going on with his dad and uncle. I grab 3yr-old-boy and run after him, but he is gone. Leaving me alone with the kids, in the dark as to what the hell is going on, and pissed off about it. Then I woke up.

I know I should shake off the frustration I am feeling right now and tell myself that, "It was just a dream.", but that isn't entirely true. This is my life. The way I felt in that dream is how I feel a significant portion of time in real life. Frustrated and ignored. When I confront it, I'm blown off and made to feel like these are my problems.

Blah. What a way to start a rainy Saturday morning...

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