September 1, 2010

Craving Adult Interaction... Sorta.


Dear Husband,

When you're home, do I share randomness with you all day long? Because, when you're not here, I wish you were so I could tell you all of the random things I stumble across throughout the day. (That's kinda sweet, right?)

***Like I just found out that there was an episode of Little People, Big World last season and the family went on the exact same trip I've been talking about taking for our second honeymoon. I had no clue and thought I was the only one to come up with such a marvelous idea.

***Or the fact that my favorite movie as a kid (ET) and my favorite movie as an adult (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) are playing together, this weekend at the drive-in! But you already know because that one couldn't wait and I called you at work to share.

These were my major discoveries before noon today, but I'm sure there were minor ones that I have already forgotten (which is why I need to tell you most randomness immediately) and I'm also sure that there will be more to report between now and dinner (if only I can remember to tell you).

Anyway, wish you were here to bore with my totally useless facts and knowledge. ;)


P.S. This does not give you the right to ask me what exactly it is I do all day. Just throwin' it out there for your own good. *wink,wink*

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