November 13, 2010

Whaju Say?!?

The wonderfully funny Kate & Lydia over at Rants from Mommyland, are putting together a sort of dictionary of the crazy words that kids come up with called "The Lexicon of Green Tomato Minds". 6yr-old-girl is a pro at creating her own words that sound kinda like what she thought she heard. Last week her new phrase was "turtle twins"...

Turtle Twins: (noun) The kind of twins that aren't exactly alike because one has green eyes and the other has brown. *never mind that green-eyed child is a girl and brown-eyed child is a boy*

I submitted "turtle twins" for The Lexicon of Green Tomato Minds, but it didn't make the cut. Another of 6yr-old-girl's words did make the list, though...

Hooray: (noun) On the 4th of July we watch the Hooray with all of the floats and loud fire engines. People throw candy for the kids to gather.

For as long as she could talk, 6yr-old-girl has called a parade a hooray. Every time she says, "I can't wait to go watch the Hooray!", a little part of me melts over her sweetness and so I have never corrected her. I'm thrilled that Kate & Lydia found my lovely daughter's cuteness Mommyland Lexicon worthy.

**Update: Turtle Twins made it!**

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