November 11, 2010

Have a muffin, bitch.

3yr-old-boy has a speech delay. He struggles to communicate his needs and desires and becomes extremely frustrated when he is misunderstood. It breaks my heart daily, but he is making progress and is adding more and more (mispronounced) words to his vocabulary. I, of course, understand about 90% of what he is *trying* to say. Husband is lucky if he understands 20%. I really thought preschool would help the boy since he wouldn't have Mommy around to translate and would have to use his words more. And it has helped some, but not as much as I was hoping/expecting/needing. I'm actually starting to fear that his extremely young (have you even finished college yet?) teachers might be ignoring him instead of making the extra-extra effort to communicate with him.

I've spent the last month listening to Husband tell me that I am being hyper-sensitive while trying to convince myself that I'm really only looking to *socialize* the boy and it doesn't matter that he doesn't seem to have learned one damn thing in over two months. Something is not right, and it has been gnawing at me, but I have been doing some ignoring of my own I guess. But now there has been an incident. Two incidents, actually.

Incident #1: Husband overheard a child in my son's class tell his father that our son "is the dumbest kid in class." I cannot express the range of emotions that have ripped through me over this. I want to scream, I want to cry. To be honest, I have done both. I have chewed Husband out multiple times for not saying *something* and defending our child when really, I am just upset that I wasn't there to protect my cub. Mama Bear is still very much licking her wounds over this one.

Incident #2: My son got violently ill today at school... during Grandparents' Day... while in the POOL... as all of the grandparents watched. It was MORTIFYING to say the least. Here's the thing; I don't know why it happened since I wasn't in the pool area when disaster struck. Was it because he is sick and just couldn't make it out of the pool to the bathroom? ***OR*** Was he telling them he had to go and no one was paying attention since it takes more of an effort to listen to him? I will never know, but the fact that I would even think of the second possibility pretty much means my kid should not be entrusted to these people. And don't get me started on how MEAN the other parents were as I hosed my child down, collected our things, and did our walk of shame out of the building to the car. Sorry ladies, we really didn't have an evil plot to destroy Grandparents' Day. Here, have a muffin... I baked them myself.

So anyway, tonight I collected all of the leftover resources I have from the older two kids and I have decided that I am going to work with the boy here at home on all things preschool. I can't send him back there...Well, next week he will go for his Thanksgiving activities because I worked *really* hard on that damn vest... but after that, he is all mine. I am actually looking forward to it even if I am losing those glorious five hours a week alone that are not worth compromising my baby for. The older two kids helped me gather all of our shape, number and letter books this evening and they are super excited that I am going to be teaching their brother. I just hope little man feels the same.

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