February 2, 2009

Monday Minutes

A bunch of the same old, same old around here. Gwen's progress report came today and I was pleasantly surprised. She seems to struggle with us when doing "homework", but she apparently taps her store of knowledge when it counts most. I'm curious to see if she will be recommended for full day kindergarten next year or if she will only need half day.

Our big anxiety right now is over contract negotiations at DH's work. His current contract expired at 12:01am on Sunday and is now being temporarily extended in 24hr increments while the union and refineries continue their talks. The last thing we want is for this to lead to a strike. So we wait with our fingers crossed...

Only other news is that I am quiting Curves. No, I am not giving up on working out... Todd has decided he wants to start working out again so the whole family is going to join our local YMCA. It makes more sense to pay $52 a month for all of us (which includes childcare) than the $64 a month it would cost for me to stay at Curves and him to join a local gym (neither of which have childcare).

Plus, there are so many other bonuses to the 'Y'... discount rate for the swim lessons we already enroll Gwen and Noah in, we can workout together (you'll have to check with Todd if he sees this as a bonus or drawback), the hours are fantastic and I can workout whenever I want (not just when Todd is home) with the childcare, and we can take the kids swimming after our workouts. I am super excited and just hope that Seth will do okay with being left in the daycare. He refuses to be left in the church nursery, but I'm hoping having Gwen with him will help.

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