February 4, 2009

Wednesday Write-Up

Book Review: Mommies Who Drink by Brett Paesel

Mommies Who Drink was tossed out as a book club idea with a mom's group I used to belong to. The group never ended up reading it, but the title amused me so I kept the email as a reminder that I *might* want to look into it someday. I'm on this kick of reading more and I'm starting with the random books that I've been meaning to get to (the entire series of Harry Potter books is coming up soon on my list).

I found myself blissfully entertained by this book, yet somehow disappointed. Brett Paesel basically pieces together excerpts of her venture into "mommydom". A lot of her stories were laughable, although somewhat trite. Bottom line... I've heard it all before. Yes, there is a loss of self when you have children. It happens, it is to be expected. If it weren't for the story line with her girlfriends and their Friday bar dates, the book wouldn't have been nearly as amusing.

It is a cute book and another easy read. I wouldn't advise against reading it even though I was personally left feeling like there should have been more. The ending seemed rushed to me as well which may have added to my feeling like the story didn't really go anywhere.

I went through a lot of "effort" in preparation for this movie. I had never seen Underworld: Evolution and vaguely remembered the first Underworld movie which I had watched more for my love of Kate Beckinsale than anything else. Don't get me wrong; I have more than a normal fascination with vampires which pretty much solidified that the first movie was simply "a must see". I decided that I needed to refresh my memory with the first movie as well as get caught up with the second so I could see the next of the Underworld movies.

The movies are kind of written backwards. The second movie explores the history of the first, while Rise of the Lycans delves even further. Evolution and Rise of the Lycans are pretty much on par with each other as far as quality, but they are both a far cry from the first movie. I absolutely loved the first Underworld and was disappointed that the next two didn't live up to the same standard of excellence. The absence of Kate Beckinsale in the third movie was a let down (at least for me) as well.

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  1. You need to be a movie/book critic. This was awesome! I love how you write.