February 16, 2009

Monday Minutes

Ah, it is time for the summary of our weekly adventures. Do you think it is a sign of old age that I have trouble thinking back just six days ago to what we were doing with ourselves? It is probably more likely that the daily interaction with three kids is (or has been) slowly frying my brain. In any case...

This was DH's long week which always leaves me with the bulk of the responsibility of entertaining the children. The week went fine with Noah having school and his kindergarten Valentine program Tuesday evening to keep him busy. I toted the other two kids to the 'Y' with me a few times which got them out of the house and they went along with me to Noah's school program. The husband and I even managed to workout together once or twice on his off days.

The weekend was full and busy with Valentines Day to celebrate, errands, and chores, but the kids were doing a slow burn and my nerves were growing thin by Sunday evening. They were just wild (all three of them) from the moment Noah stepped off the bus Friday afternoon until I hit boiling point Sunday evening. I snapped primarily because I had a great "mommy weekend"... craft projects and coloring, the library on Saturday, I cooked a special Valentine's dinner with pink cupcakes for dessert, a trip to the 'Y' after getting the four of us to early service on Sunday... and it all seemed wasted on them.

By the time Gwen was thrown across her bedroom floor in an all out tantrum Sunday night, I was feeling completely under appreciated and majorly exhausted as I had done all of this by myself while lugging three ungratefuls along. On top of all the running around, I spent 72+ hours trying to discipline and keep my three manic munchkins in line. For whatever reason, they all seemed intent on not listening and testing their boundaries. At least they were good when we were out and about but, the minute we would cross back over our threshold, mayhem!

All of this misbehavior and frustration came to a head last night after dinner when Noah and Gwen refused to quit messing around and clean up the toy room... yet again. I finally had enough and sent them to bed about an hour and a half early which meant no Alice in Wonderland for them. This set Gwen off! All out kicking and screaming on the bedroom floor while poor Noah was curled up in his bed stuck in there with her because I think he knew I was *done* and didn't dare set foot out of his bed.

In the end, they were let out of punishment and allowed to watch the movie. Noah was out first while Gwen got a good whooping for her display. Once she calmed down (she actually claimed her "brain hurt" because she was crying so hard), I let her out for family movie night as well. I do not know when the last time I spanked any of these kids was and I always hate how it makes me feel to reach that point. Seth had also gotten spanked earlier in the afternoon for blatantly defying me... looked me right in the eye while my words were still in the air and kept beating the furniture... after I had told him to stop. Two spankings in one day after months upon months of none.

As crummy as I feel about doling out the spankings, it seems to have done the trick. The older two were both off of school today and all three of them have been playing nicely, listening, and have been much better behaved in general. I just don't understand why it takes me reaching breaking point for them to snap back into shape. *sigh* Hopefully, they won't get it into their little heads to revolt again for awhile.

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