February 9, 2009

Monday Minutes

Let's see... What have we been up to this week? As my previous posts have indicated, I signed the family up at our local YMCA last Wednesday. We have been taking full advantage of our new membership; swimming, working out, aerobic classes, shooting hoops, and especially the childcare. Wednesday, I took the kids swimming and did a class. Friday, I did another class and DH worked out before playing a little basketball. Saturday, we both worked out (I took advantage of the free weight room introduction complete with a personal program for me to follow) and then we took the kids swimming again.

After the 'Y' on Saturday, we came home for lunch and naps before heading to the bowling alley right around the corner from our subdivision. We really should go more often since it is so convenient unlike everything else that we have to drive for. If you missed the pictures from family bowling night, you can find them here.

I spent the day with a few of my favorite girlfriends on Sunday shopping at the Premium Outlets in Aurora. I did manage to get to an earlier church service with the family before heading out for my day-o-fun two hours from home. It was a really nice day full of female bonding (we shopped for perfume, maternity clothes, handbags, all things girlie). We went out to lunch before hitting the stores and then, after shopping until the mall closed, we headed back to the house of our friend who lives in that area for a few drinks.

It has been a full week (Isn't it always?), but we were all healthy and happy and enjoyed ourselves in a myriad of different ways. I wish all of our weeks could be this wonderful and fulfilling. I am sure that we will continue to be blessed with many more fantastic days in the future and I look forward to creating and sharing each and every moment!

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