February 11, 2009

Wednesday Write-Up

No book review this week. I haven't been very motivated to start the book that has been sitting on my nightstand for the past week and a half. I need to get to it since I have to return it to the library on Monday. I could renew it I suppose, but I rarely read a book in the second two week if I didn't get to it in the first two weeks. At least that has been my pattern in the past. I did read a few chapters this evening while the kids were at church and, I have to say, it has drawn me in. If all goes well, I will be reading and reviewing this book, Blood Brothers, along with The Hollow and The Pagan Stone over the next few weeks. The three books make up Nora Robert's Sign of Seven trilogy.

Movie Review: Taken

I did manage to get to the movies this week with DH (this was before date night went bad). We had a list of movies that we were possibly interested in seeing since we didn't know exactly how long dinner would last and which time would be best. As it turned out, none of those movies worked out so we decided to give Taken a chance because it worked time wise.

I am so glad that we ended up seeing this movie. It was excellent! The storyline was fantastic, there were no slow or unnecessary scenes, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I have nothing bad to say about this movie. It is quite simply a must see! The husband and I usually have very different tastes in movies, but Taken was a definite 'thumbs up' across the board.

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