July 23, 2009

Always a Snag!

It appears that my calendar with Todd's work schedule was off and I booked my little getaway at the wrong time in his shift rotation. Ugh! My calendar is NEVER wrong, just for the record. So I now have three options:

1.) Reschedule for the week before which means I will be leaving town on the kids' first day of school and will not be here to see Gwen get off the bus safely for the first time ever unless I check-in late cutting into my "me time".

2.) Find a sitter to be at my house at 4:30 in the morning when Todd leaves for work who will get the kids on the bus and watch Seth until I arrive home. Any volunteers?

3.) Hope against hope that Todd's idiot bosses actually have a clue what September's training schedule will be and reschedule my trip for next month.

I just thought of another option that I'm not quite sure if Todd would even be willing to do...

4.) Use the vacation day that he had previously scheduled and ended up not needing because above mentioned idiot bosses can't agree on a schedule for my husband which is why my friggin' calendar was off in the first place!!! Aarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I feel better now. Plenty of options so I'm sure I will figure it out somehow and keep my mini-vacation mostly intact. I hope...


  1. Hey if I forget to comment for awhile just know it's nothing personal. lol I suck at blog reading these days since discovering facebook. I barely update mine anymore.

    I am glad you're going to get a mini-vacation. Wish I could go, too. lol

  2. Noooo!!!!!!

    You'll never finish that book. In fact, it's the book's fault. Give up, check out a new one, and I bet everything magically resolves itself.