July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

It is raining and cold. We stood in the rain for over an hour waiting for the parade this afternoon. We are soggy, but the kids had a blast jumping in puddles, twirling umbrellas, collecting water-logged candy from the street. Today was definitely a "continue as planned for their sake" kind of day, so I'm glad they had fun.

I'm thinking tonight's plan to set off our personal firework display might have to be postponed, though. Maybe it will be better weather tomorrow night... or maybe the rain will stop in the next few hours and we can proceed as planned. We took the kids to our town fireworks show last night and Seth loved it! I kind of hope this weather clears up so I can watch him get excited and screech in delight again!

I set this blog to private today as well. I have a link to my blog on my Facebook and I don't necessarily want everyone who views my Facebook profile to be able to stalk every aspect of my online life. My last few posts were a little raw and there are definitely people in my life that I do not show those vulnerabilities in fear of what they may do with them.

That being said... I'm feeling better now that I've shaken off the doldrums. Looking forward to the rest of this summer with water parks, camping, and a few other activities slotted. We've also started planning our big Disney vacation for later this fall. Things are good, schedules are hectic, the kids are doing their slow summer burn. Life is as it should be. It may rain on my parade every once in awhile, but I'm learning not to let that spoil my fun...


  1. Please send some rain our way. :( It's so flipping dry and hot. ugh.

    Glad ya'll had fun. The kids are so adorable all bundled in jackets. Our 4th will look very different with half nude kiddos getting wet INTENTIONALLY to fend off the heat. :D

  2. I passed up Holiday pay to sit in the rain.