July 17, 2009

Planning My Escape

I just booked a two day getaway for myself in Nashville, Indiana. I am beyond excited!!! 44 glorious hours all to myself to read, shop, wander, and sleep at my leisure. Ah, bliss. I was feeling a bit guilty at first and started thinking about taking a friend, but then I realized that I don't want anyone to go with me. I don't want to have to take someone else's wants and needs or boredom factor into account. The whole point of me going is to spend time on my own schedule with nobody's demands but my own to meet.

I find it funny that I can justify a girl's getaway or that I don't think anything of the husband going to Vegas with the boys every now an then, but it is hard for me not to feel selfish going away alone. I guess because the purpose of trips like those is to spend quality time with your friends where as this trip is about running away for a bit. I guess a girl's weekend is the same thing, but it can be disguised better behind bonding time and comradery with others.

My little escape is about getting away so I don't have to listen to the kids being cared for by their dad or feeling obligated to help him do so despite my claim of being "off duty". Is a mother ever off duty in the vicinity of her children? Even when the family does go out leaving me behind, I feel guilty for not participating in family time or for not being more productive while everyone is out. Yes, I need guilt free me time. No laundry or dusting or other random chores glaring at me while I sit on the couch. Only time carved out as I desire, to do as I please. I simply can not wait.

Here's a link to the cottage where I will be staying and the photos of the boys' room with their new bunk beds that I promised in my last post:


  1. Enjoy the break! You deserve it!

  2. Enjoy the break, and rest up. There will be plenty for you to do when you get back :)