July 16, 2009

Lilacs and Lofts

We have been in this house for just over two years and I have *finally* gotten the kids' situated into the bedrooms that I have wanted them in from day one. Seth has moved out of his crib and into a brand new set of bunk beds with his big brother. Miss Gwen, who has been rooming with Noah for at least a year and a half, has moved back next door to the room she was in when we first moved here. We found that it was best for Noah that Seth sleep alone and not wake him every night so we swapped.

I was nervous that Gwen was not going to adjust well to being alone again at night or that she would have separation issues from Noah, but she was thrilled to see the crib come down and to have her very own "big girl" bedroom. The room needs paint (eventually a soft pink), but it has come together nicely and my favorite part is the loft area that I finished today. I made the seat (was so proud to make my first lumber purchase ever!) and Gwen helped me make the pillows a few nights ago. The stairs were the last piece to complete the project and I put those together while dinner was cooking this evening.

I'll take pictures of the boys' room and their new beds soon. For now, here are the photo's of Gwen's room (which I absolutely adore)...

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