January 14, 2011

Added Insentive

It has been a rough few months. I've been tired, moody, and just can't seem to get my sh*t together. Today I did something that has brightened my mood, will give me something to look forward to, and help keep me motivated with the healthy life style change... I booked a cruise!

Husband and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary next year. We had talked about and planned a trip to Scotland and England. We were the only ones that seemed to think this was a good idea. Everyone else (except my bestie) kind of looked at us like we were nuts and we ended up explaining our decision to death. It kind of ruined the excitement.

Well, in this wonderful world of Tivo and DVRs, I don't get the chance to watch many commercials anymore. In a moment of delayed fast forwarding, I caught a Disney Cruise commercial and that was it. I was sold. For the same price that it would have cost Husband and I to go to Europe, we can take the whole family to the Bahamas on a five night Disney Cruise. This is something we have always wanted to do but, honestly, probably never would have done because we couldn't justify it. What better reason to go than to celebrate our tenth anniversary with the beautiful babies that are union has created?

The best part is that the ship and the beaches have activities for the kids where you just drop them off then go on your merry way to enjoy the adult beach, restaurants, pool, spa, ect. So we will have time alone as a couple while the kids enjoy all things Disney. Plus, they give you a pager so if your kid needs you, they can let you know. I won't be all neurotic about leaving them knowing I'm just a *beep* away.

I am so looking forward to sleeping with the veranda doors open, snuggled with Husband, listening to the sounds of the ocean as we cruise along. *HEAVEN* We splurged and got the kids their own connecting room so we won't all be crowding into 300 sq. feet with only one bathroom. I don't think I will ever regret that decision. I love them, but I like my breathing room as well! I'm also hoping we can sneak away for a couple's massage while the kids are enjoying their activities.

Now, we are just crossing our fingers that Husband can get the two days he needs off from work. I think he is pretty confident that he can considering he let me book and make the down payments today. I so needed this. I can already feel the warm ocean breezes clearing out the cobwebs of my psyche. This is going to be the best family vacation/anniversary trip ever!!!

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