January 2, 2011

Day Two

Still feeling good today. The decrease in sodium has me peeing every fifteen minutes, though! I couldn't finish the lunch I prepared for myself and I have had no desire to snack between meals. I might just be on to something here...

Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, all natural yogurt w/ dried cranberries

Lunch: half a sweet potato w/ butter, steamed broccoli, black beans

Dinner: boneless/skinless chicken breast, green pepper & mushroom spaghetti sauce, whole wheat pasta w/ butter

Daily totals: 1285 calories, 47% carbs (153g), 28% fat (40g), 25% protein (81g). I'm still working on my protein intake, but I'm getting better. Again, its all about discovering what foods are naturally a good source. Black beans were the answer today.

I'm supposed to hit the gym tomorrow (and maybe I'm just making excuses here), but I also need to get the Christmas stuff down. I don't know if I will have time (energy) for both. I'll let you know if I get over myself and go tomorrow... wish me luck!

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