January 3, 2011

Day Three

I nailed my protein intake today! Just check out my totals at the end of this post...

Breakfast: all natural yogurt, banana chips, hard boiled egg, tea & honey

Lunch: black beans, boneless/skinless chicken breast, white corn/black bean salsa

Dinner: grilled round steak, natural seasoning, sweet potato w/ butter

Daily Totals: 1220 calories, 42% carbs (131g), 28% fat (40g), 30% protein (94g). Eating a little red meat (5.5 oz) really went a long way as far as reaching my protein goal was concerned. I didn't make it to the gym today, but Husband and I spent 6 hours (SIX HOURS!) taking down Christmas decorations. At least I got my fair amount of bending, squatting, lifting, and pulling getting all of that stuff down, sorted and put away. Hopefully tomorrow the treadmill and I will once again meet each others acquaintance.


  1. Six hours? Wow. I'm jealous you had your husband's help. Your meals look great! How are black beans like that? I've only had them in chili.

    Have you ever made sort of a huevos rancheros type of deal w/ an egg and salsa and some cheese and beans? Yummy! You're inspiring me, Cathy! But I will not make a resolution! lol

  2. I love black beans! I think I might scramble an egg, some beans, and salsa for breakfast... Thanks for the idea! ;)