January 11, 2011

Weight Watchers

I am a huge proponent of the Weight Watchers program. It has always worked for me even though I suck at it. The reason I say I suck at it is because, despite losing weight successfully while counting points, I tend to eat only packaged foods, stop cooking entirely, and often resort to eating nothing but ice cream, soup, and granola bars. I don't know how to count points for natural foods and recipes made up of multiple foods. Bottom-line, I never made the life-style change.

If it weren't for Weight Watchers, I probably would never have started this all natural diet (I'd also need to be cut out of my barcalounger by now). I know I *can* lose weight, I'm just not happy with the way I've done it in the past and ultimately how I felt eating little more than canned and processed foods. Plus, add the guilt of not cooking for my family because I didn't have the energy to crack open a can for myself and prepare something for them. This time around, I cook two meals most nights or, at the very least, one and a half.

Weight Watchers is so ingrained in my being from years of using it (successfully) and then quitting for whatever reason that I still keep track of my points even though I'm not actually working the program. Every night after I use the Tap & Track app on my ipod all day, I plug my totals into my old WW point calculator. So far, I have been *exactly* on target with my daily totals equaling the points that I should be consuming with Weight Watchers. Just another indicator that I really might be doing something right this time.

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