January 10, 2011

Day 10

WooHoo! I've made it ten days! I want to give my friend Elisa a big "Thank You" for giving my efforts a shout-out on her Facebook page. It keeps me going knowing I've got my own personal cheerleader out there! That being said, I don't know if I will see an increase in traffic over here (and I'm really wishing I had taken a picture of the awesome all-natural pizza I made this weekend to share with any new visitors), but I just wanted to say, "Hi. I'm Cathy... and I'm a sugar/pasta/grease-aholic who has made a resolution to eat naturally and actually *do* something about my addiction this new year. Now on to today's totals...

Breakfast: all-natural vanilla yogurt, an orange, colby-jack cheese, hard-boiled egg

Lunch: 96% lean ground beef, black bean & white corn salsa, black beans

Dinner: green beans sauteed in butter, 96% lean ground beef, grape nuts cereal

Daily Totals: 1180 calories, 40% carbs (119g), 32% fat (43g), 28% protein (82g). You'll have to trust me that both my lunch and dinner tasted WAY better than they looked... The grape nuts added a nutty, crunchy texture that really livened the whole dish. My totals for the day also reflect the blueberry-pomegranate ice cream I had for dessert tonight. I also have an all-natural Tin Roof sundae (my absolute favorite flavor ice cream ever!) that I need to at least try before Husband eats it all. Gotta love when the man gives me a valid excuse to eat ice cream!


  1. You are doing great and honestly are inspiring me! Started WW today and thought of you as I planned my day and tried to maximize my points. :)

  2. I just wrote a Weight Watchers post. Good luck to you!