January 20, 2011

Day 20: New Toy

My new kitchen scale came today! I have been using an ancient kitchen scale for the past few weeks and, as suspected, I confirmed tonight that it has not been taking accurate measurements. I've been eating more than I thought (about .75 ounces more per weighed item) which means using the new scale should help me achieve better results.

I pulled a no-no this morning and didn't eat breakfast. 3yr-old-boy and I had places to go and things to do... OK, are super cool adventure was just grocery shopping at the Walmart, but we needed to get it done so off we went with no breakfast for Mom. I wasn't all that hungry anyway. I think my digestive system might have still been in shock from all of that ice cream last night. Here are my lunch and dinner details for today...

Lunch: boneless/skinless chicken breast, fresh pineapple, all-natural pepper-jack cheese, peach & pineapple chipotle salsa

Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti, all-natural mushroom & green pepper sauce, 96% lean ground beef, grated all-natural mozzarella cheese

I couldn't find the almond Green & Black's chocolate bars today so I decided to try a different kind. My Weight Watcher friends need to take note that the NewTree chocolate bars, along with being all-natural, are high in fiber (7g per serving). These babies are soooo good; which they need to be to make them worth the $4 they cost per bar. This is why I have always gorged on things like Reese's cups and Snickers... because they are cheap and you can buy lots of them! I spent $16 on four chocolate bars today. It's a good thing that I'm tracking what I eat and they will actually last awhile.

Daily Totals (including half of the NewTree chocolate bar): 1235 calories, 40% carbs (124g), 31% fat (42g), 29% protein (89g). I learned today that the Tap&Track app that I use on my ipod adjusts the maximum calorie intake based on your weight and goals. I had mine set for losing two pounds per week and I noticed, because I have lost weight, that the program automatically decreased the amount of calories I am allowed per day. I thought it was a nifty little feature. Anything that automatically updates wins my approval as it is one less thing I need to remember to do.

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