January 18, 2011

Day 18: Still on Board

I forgot to take a photo of my lunch today as I was wiped out from helping with 3yr-old-boy's preschool class this morning. I ate lunch meat, an ounce of cheese, what was left of the wonderful organic chocolate, and then passed out on the couch for two hours while Husband took the youngest to daycare at the gym while he worked out. I still have yet to make it there this year. *hangs head in shame*

On a related note, Husband told me that he has dropped 7% of his body fat percentage over the last few months. I am super proud of him and just wanted to acknowledge his accomplishment. Right now, I'm the dieter and he's the workout guy. I think, sooner or later, we're going to have to meet in the middle of the two. He cooked an all natural dinner tonight without even realizing it. The kids were less than enthused, but they managed to pick through it and fill their bellies. Baby steps. Itty, bitty baby steps.

I have a bunch of photos in my ipod from days like today where I took one or two meal photos (mostly breakfasts), but spaced the other meals of the day. That's been happening a lot lately which is why I have been so inconsistent with posting totals and pics. So here are the random meal photos from the past few days:

all-natural vanilla yogurt w/ grape nuts cereal, an orange
drizzled w/ honey & almonds all-natural vanilla yogurt w/ grape nuts cereal, an orange,
colby-jack cheese, tea w/ honey
oatmeal w/ walnuts & honey, an orange

turkey lunch meat, pepper jack cheese, pumpernickel bread,
shredded lettuce
(this sandwich was so good, I had it for lunch 2 days in a row)

red potatoes, 96% lean ground beef, black bean & white corn salsa

Daily Totals: 1215 calories, 45% carbs (137g), 29% fat (40g), 26% protein (77g). I have a couple of other 'recipes' that I am going to try this week. I found them in a magazine while waiting in the dentist office yesterday. Today's breakfast with the honey & almond orange was from that article. I think it was in an issue of People. Anyway, the orange was delicious this morning and I'm looking forward to trying the grilled banana drizzled with maple syrup. Maybe for tomorrow if I'm in the mood to drag the Foreman grill out. We'll see...

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  1. Your meals look great they just do not seem filling.